Eric or donny in 5☆ wheel?

Anyone knows if Eric or Donny are in the wheel?

No. Ascend four stars or Eric in Depot.


Yep, ascend for donny

Spent so much reasources getting Eric again after I used my 2 as Benedict’s then up he popped in the depot so now I have 2 again lol

I got them both ascending red and blues. Got them on 1st and 2nd try. Carly can also be gotten from ascending. Supply depot has Erik but I’d much rather level toons to ascend then spend thousands of coins refreshing a depot or having to put up 10mil in a level up. But to each their own.

Thats what im doing, ive had better luck wit the tower and im not doing the millions needed for level ups, im getting yvette also as ive wanted her since she came out and this may be the only chance to get her for me

Same, originally was going to go for 1st for Eric then stay in top 10 and shoot for yvette. But once I saw Erik could be had from ascending as well as Donnie soon after I just threw some 4* on xp missions and leveled during non events or objectives and got them very easy Hit 2nd one lvlup and the rest just hitting milestones have yvette now and will have enough for a 2nd jermiah if I want.
I wish scopley stuck with Givin medals as milestones tho. The difference from 1st to 2nd to 3rd is huge…I imagine more would engage each level up having a shot at getting 2 toons…

Yea but seems to be against scopelys mission to do anything worthwhile, fun, exciting, etc

donny is in the wheel

Not in the 5* wheel, but both ascendable. Eric is in the depot.

Do what @Rickygrimes and everyone else in this thread said, acend. Chances at Acendables are not bad either.

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