Eric has the wrong animation

Ok it is a bit pedantic, but as we know every toon has a fighting animation if he/she rushes with a dmg rush or a „do magic“ animation if he/she supports without hitting the enemy. The new 6* Eric only supports on his rush but he does it with a hitting/fighting animation.

Sorry for being pedantic.


It’s Scopely, what do you expect? They couldn’t even get Tough and Strong gears right, right @JB.Scopely?

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it bothered me too. i see someone firing but doesnt hit anyone, as uncle murda was rapping “shooting and missing means nothing… youve gotta hit something… if you wanna fuk wit me”, lol

5* Carson also has this issue

Are you saying Carson will be the next ascendable? :astonished: :exploding_head:

Seen it here first folks, @Bane dropping them leeks!

Yellow command maggie has a non-fitting ar animation as well

Dwight has burns on both sides of his face, folks. Whether he faces to the left, or the right, he has a burn scar. I don’t think Scopely Quality control has cared about accuracy, or continuity ever.

Or Rick and his left/right arm being chopped off/regenerated every battle. Lol


Camilla’s atk rush looks like she’s waving a magic wand

It’s confirmed. Carson is the next legacy ascendable.


I liked to imagine that Carson hamstrings the enemy with his little swipe animation.

Or just does the “is this bothering you? I’m not touching you!” thing



1d6 to target and all adjacent

saving throw of 11

I think 5 star Vincent had a similar issue but vice versa. He’d run up, raise his weapon in the air and then go back without touching them and it’d do damage somehow.

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