Eric "All Out War" Video

Eric has new version of himself as a blue 6* medic. We get another revive to the game and this one is by far the tankiest one of them all. Let’s talk about him.


I won’t lie, i was letting this play while working and i heard “cole can use his taunt to be a douche” and snorted with laughter. Love it


Is there any other way of getting Eric instead of the event like supply depo etc

yes, he shows up pretty regularly in supply depot. or at least he used to. I havent seen Wanderer in mine since he was released as a 6*

Also can get him through ascendable i believe

I think I may have gotten him from legendary training ground.

Eric is definitely available from ascending a blue 4* & from supply depot, whether it remains so may well be a different thing though.

May as well stick him in 5* token wheel, could do with another update.

I got mine from the supply depo yesterday.

They have removed him from ascendance… He

The only way to get Eric atm shows to be through this event. He s not in 5* wheel of ascendance now.

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Thanks guys!

that is a rather d*ckish move to do, remove him from it just as he becomes useful

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Suerte le tenía guardado y olvidado ya en 80 , le he ascendido haber qué tal va!

Viva la $copely

Still shows that he available to be gotten from ascension on my account.

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I got him today after the supply depot refreshed, I had seen him there before MA y times but never got him. It’s funny how he gets this insane stats after I max my Mckenzie… Oh well…

Just got Kenzie too lol ohwell one is active revive and one Rush perfect combo.

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I got him after two ascendances just last night.

Do you have a maxed blue 4*? Eric still shows for me, and I think the display for ascendance is only there if you have a character that can ascend into him.

I just got it from depot!

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