Era of disposables. versus Era of Memorabilia


I don’t understand whoever designed this change is sincerely wrong about what players want.

Many players would even collect stuff like collectible 4 stars.

We used have Tournament prizes offering a one time Memorable character.
And now… 100% disposable prizes???

IN events AND Tournaments??? Even in Wars???
Just what the fuck is going on.

On top of everything, the disposables are meant to be 6 star stuff.

But … we have had in the past 4 months like 3 new playable 6 stars outside of Throwing cash at the game… Just for a little variety.

If this is the direction of the Game.
I think i’m on my road to Quitting at long last.

I might not even have no choice to Quit sooner or later.
My faction mates have retired more in the past few months then ever before.
And i’m sure many players are facing the same crisis.

The game needs to change.
SPECIFICALLY, in the Prizes for Events and Tournaments.

Almost a year ago I was a heavy solo tournament hunter.
Now… I just play the milestones… the top prizes I have no thrill in hunting anymore.

From the most exiting of times (Memorable)…
To borderline not worth investing Time … (disposable)

At this point I think i’m going to have to take it up a notch in terms of my criticism in the areas that desperately need improvements.

I’ve stopped buying 30 day passes because even if I stack coins I coudn’t care less about any promo toons.

RIP retired ones. You were Memorable.
The game is what has become Disposable.


I think disposables is an appropriate term. Really highlights what the offerings are.


For me.

I will never forget the very first Double Tournament, where I won Timothy 1st place on both my Regions.

I’m almost 100% certain I will remember this moment for the rest of my life.

Literally a this game has given me true memories.

And now… I can’t even recall the last time I had a shred of excitement about new upcoming tournaments.

Literally from heaven straight to purgatory.


So many missed opportunities for fair purchases…

If they sold 4 star shields long ago for like 3k coins… ez money.
Sold interesting but not overpowered weapons 2k coins … many ppl will buy.

In my mind, MORE people are buying things when it’s “GUARANTEED”


That Jeremiah, a few of my faction mates went for him.

If they sold Hershel + weapon for like 12k coins… I’d probably get that deal.

But instead… scopely wants us to fight for Disposable stuff.
Golden Tokens… Gear crates… Trainers…

The 6 star ERA began on a decent footing.
But it’s been strained pretty heavily.

We’ve had nothing but promo toons for a good while
Which I don’t mind… I think these promo toons will eventually be used as F2P
and that’s why they are sorta crap.
Just we need more toons in the market…
the game is too stale right now.

Anyways… I don’t wanna sit here and complain I do still enjoy the game.
But I worry about losing players due to very very boring prize structures.