Epic weapons pop up

Im sure most of you are sick of the Epic weapons pop up when the game starts and it looks like its finally gone. But before it left it and Scopely scooped 3600 gold and gave me basic rewards. That’s right! Not the epic weapons but basic rewards. I clicked the lets go on the pop up and next thing I knew I had basic rewards streaming. Ive contacted Scopely over and over to plead my case that I just want the epic weapons that the pop up lured me to. I feel like this is a classic bait and switch where they post the pop up for the epics and then give you the basics. And when you complain all they say is basically tough !@#$$%^ youre responsible. Which normally id agree with but the freaking pop up is what did it. Do the right thing Scopely and give me my epic weapons as promised and not delivered. Any one else experience anything similar???

Ahh the old scopely bait and switch… good luck getting through to them…

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So let me get this straight. You spun a wheel and are now upset that you didnt get what you wanted?

They won’t reimburse you. They’ll tell you every player has the same odds and know when they spin that wheel that the odds are so and so percent and in the spirit of fairness they can’t give one player something and then not do it for everyone else. Keep on Surviving… I mean if that’s what this post is about which I’m guessing it is.

It wasn’t a wheel spin, Ive already done the epic weapons grab and you mainly get armory tokens and a few weapons. I got strictly basic rewards.

Go directly to the source (your bank) and ask for a refund explaining the bait and switch tactics that were used. They will reimburse you.

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