Epic Weapons Cache is Terrible

The Epic Weapons Cache returns and it is just as bad as it was previously. The 5* weapons themselves are all badly made and the odds breakdown is laughable where you have the lowest chances to get something that is epic or a weapon on an ‘Epic’ ‘Weapon’ wheel.

The entire seems 100% geared around the broken armory token economy right now and they are banking on players pulling for the base resource (aka 5* weapon era version of MATERIALS) to be able to even craft and upgrade weapons.

There needs to be better 5* weapons in the wheel, there needs to be better odds of actually getting a weapon on a weapon wheel and less for armory tokens… with more ways of getting armory tokens from actual gameplay.

In my video I also touched on the fact that we rarely ever see weapons as part of event reward structures and they can be nice to work for especially if you have a good selection of 4* weapons that are rare. Burn on attack, Bleed on attack, Off Trait specials etc. something that does not exist at a good quality could be good to work for.

Would you like there to be Special Weapons in Event Rewards?

  • Yes
  • No

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F2p bucket ftw


its sad that weapon crafting is now P2P smdh

the 4* weapons are better on the wheel than the 5* weapons, this is the issue.

My 5* weapon vs. yours, what would you prefer?

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What did you except from scope? You thought they will give you anything useful for your $? Lol

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We need more free 5* weapon I have 2 the one you get for free and Charlie’s forks

Sadly I’d rather have 10k tokens

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Weapons wheel is terrible for people who choose to pull on it.

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people will pull more so for the tokens than the weapons.
Scopes has created another bottle neck


It is worse than previous at least the one with that stun focus gun.

Here, you can have it. I got it on the chance box a few days ago with league coins

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