Epic Weapon Sticker Shock

I’ve only recently started to really invest in epic weapons. Today I took a look at what it takes to attempt a craft for pain spread… im in trouble.

I’m going to need a lot more varnish and grease. What do y’all do to round up epic weapon craft items?

Farm the lower items needed for crafting parts from world map and roadmaps then craft the parts I need.

But I try not to craft too many at once because they eat up a lot of the other items. I’ve gone from having thousands to less than 100 of some of them :grimacing:

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ive hear people mention that they have needed to craft as many as 50 times to get something like rampage.

ill never manage to get 50 varnishes :roll_eyes:

You might get lucky 🤷

But yeah it took me a lot of tries to get one rampage, I lost count. I haven’t successfully got a crit result on any other epic weapon yet either. It’s disheartening.

I probably put more than 50 crafts into trying to get an impair when atk rifle. absolutely nothing to show for it. RNG bullshit.

Yep, some crafts are eezy peezy, some are elusive (pun intended) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I don’t mind if the odds are stacked against you, but at least give me the chance to craft.

just blew 60k league tokens on the 2 grease and varnish in the store. ill be feeling that for awhile

Below are a few options to get the necessary items all related to 5* Weapon crafting:

  • Total War Missions - right now that are TONS of armory tokens that you can stock up on by participating in war. You will need a lot since it takes 50k just to upgrade from a 4* to 5* weapon. Ex. Win 550 war battles (winning when attacking a camp) rewards 5 Varnishes.
  • Raid Events - seems like Scopley has devote raids events to having parts for Epic Weapon crafting. Engine Grease is the currently part of the ranked prizes.
  • Black Market or Museum events: There will be on occasion where you can trade in collection items for Varnish/Engine Grease and etc.
  • League Store…I personally think this option is expensive. 15,000 League tokens for Engine grease and 27,000 for Varnish. But if you have a stockpile of tokens saved up then this is the most consistent option at getting them each week.
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