Epic weapon skill not working

I have had the basic crit turns maim damage on this weapon for about a week now and still havnt seen any maim damage come out of it. Did I do something wrong with the craft or is the epic skill not working for others as well?

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I’ve heard others say this one isn’t working. So it’s not just you

same here, the epics efects is not working and scopely dont do nothing to fix that.

the strong 30% boost of your att of your missing hp works. if anyone wondered if other weapons effects work.

ps. nice weapon power score btw.

Yeah I did say this was broke in another post
No broken konrads til fixed sorry :frowning:

Your mistake was assuming Scopely was releasing something that worked properly.

any film? I have heard this but havent seen it myself

Any crit mods equipped on Morgan, so your normal attacks increase chance for critical hits?

Same with this. Only works hit or miss.

It’s just because you’re Canadian

I did record a quick vid in duels of it not working because support asked for video proof yet u cant send videos through support

I tried him with and without crit mods and it was the same result

One way is uploading it to YouTube and then sending them the link. Feel free to also send it to me on Line (linkesus.) and I can get it to them as well

Didnt find u on line

Soooo how did you make that weapon? Huge Ap and 50% attack??? Please help me out. I’ve been playing awhile and I’ve never seen one like that made.

Just to clarify that maim only works if you make a critical hit. It’s not every basic hit and not on AR’s.

That being said, I have a red epic weapon skill where I have 25% to heal someone for 50% HP and it works. Also seen someone that had that red skill that adds 10% def for every red, also works.

Yep I know. I have tried it out in war, raids, sr, duels and world map stages and even made videos to send scopely of it not working. I think it could possible be a bug on that epic skill

Upgraded the basic attack twice for an extra 10% to bring it to 40% then added huge ap. Then upgraded the weapon to 5* and added the epic weapon skill (basic critical attacks turn to maim damage. Currently not working) and then upgraded the basic attack twice for another 10% to boost it to 50% overall

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