Epic Skill - Tough Amplification Lvl 4

Question related to the Tough Crit Skill - Amplification Lvl 4… The skill has critical attacks also hitting 2 additional enemies for 150% attack. Should those attacks generate AP on the additional 2 enemies it hits?

I know this isn’t Collateral Damage but it works very similar and so was hoping this skill would align with the updated Collateral Damage rules. Otherwise this skill is nowhere near as good as it could be.

I hit with Priya first turn, get a critical hit, and the additional 2 enemies are now instantly full on their rush and hitting the next turn.

It makes it very difficult to plan for and has me wanting to reset and go for something different; which is disappointing considering the materials used and actually getting a successful, critical craft…

Can this be updated to align with Collateral Damage?


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It doesn’t need updating. It works perfectly well as it is.

Haven’t you heard? She’s back in the tower

It is different than collateral. Collateral hits adjacent toons. Amplification doesnt necessarily do that.

Its actual really op of you got the toon for it
It’s the combat one that’s broke down cuz it don’t work

It would be pretty op if it worked like cd. You can’t stack cd right now but 5 of those weapons could be stacked today. Splash on red gains ap too so I wouldnt expect change.


Yeah it can cause AP chaos right? Lol

Too muh fun though.

I agree with Jim.

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