Epic Prestige pulls


So far iv seen two people in my faction pull teresa and slice michonne. Im intrigued what else is available. Maybe prestige tokens are now the better reward than 5* tokens. Post your pulls from prestige pulls guys lets see whos hidden in that wheel


Pulled Hunter on prestige.


Yeah I’ve noticed this too I got this today blue siddiq I know you can ascend for him but I’m happy.


We know who’s in


Niiiiiice i got 4* joebob lol


And I pulled yellow epic Dwight.
I thought this was a bug, but now I understand that this is common.


I dont believe they said who would be in the prestige wheel? Only premier and 5* tokens


Or maybe shane meant prestige?


I pulled one last night and got 4* sandy so yeah


Limited edition? As in the michonne head one?


Hes one of my favourites


I just pulled ascendance Abraham “Road To Survival” #2. This is the 2nd epic toon that I have pulled from prestige tokens, and bonus since I can make him a legendary.


4* zach…

Prestige my arse


Just pulled this negan


Only 5* I’ve ever pulled from there. This was Last week.


Last week, the first crw reward


I play 3 regions and I’ve done over 10 pulls since that new change in prestige wheel and got nothing but 4*s


same here :confused:


same here :confused:


I pulled gatherer Glenn yesterday.