Epic Lori compared to Legendary Governor

If you look at Epic Lori’s rush and look at Legendary Governor’s rush, they are very similar. Looks like Govnis the Legendary version of Lori. So that means Lori will probably be trash. Such a shame

Pretty poor logic.


How so? Explain?

Many characters who went from 5* to 6* have a pretty different AR to their counterparts. Some examples would include Maggie, Abebraham, and Connor.


I dont care about lori because she was ripped from my arms in the last 5 seconds of a level up tournament. I hope she does 100% damage to herself as her rush


King what region are you in

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I have Lori so I truly hope youre wrong but I liked your post because its a quality meme


lori will have leader skill I suppose, cure and increase atk.def with your AP,
and activate remove stun

Lori could becomw even more annoying she could gain confuse and gain confounding
Hopefully not doe that’s how you scare everyone because 6* confounding specialists would pain in the arse i mean she could get a confounding 2 for all we know at which point a salty forum would erupt rofl

I still use Lori, but I can’t wait to use this new Governor.
My Lori just dies too quickly.