Epic Gear - Tier 3 6s Gear


Seriously we were getting this at a regular click but now it’s no where to be seen.

Get rid of the crap Bags in Lvl tourneys carrying things we can get from daily roadmap and give us these epic gear pieces. Specifically the ones we need 12 of between tier 3 and tier 4 for legendary gear.

While your at it ratchet up the blue ascension tokens. This serious throttling to my world domination must end.

Please and thanks.



@kalishane ban this guy again, I’m already over his attitude.


Your right. The…

Was too much. I’ll be more careful in the future.

In case your wondering edited to remove senseless flag


Haha yeah clearly sharing an opinion is offensive to people.


Why flag any of these posts???


Some Troll with multiple accounts that clearly loves school bags and walkies. Exciting.


Just delete this useless post. Problems solved. :joy::joy::joy:


Everyvody is getting flag happy that seriously needs to stop. @Wanderer is a good dude i like his posts. Get over yourselves!



My toons are forever stuck at 6* Tier 3.


Wish I had your Dummies.


Maybe I ascended too many reds but each made a nominal improvement.

18 total 6s
7 are red… Hmmm


Yeah i need 6 star gear. Rather have that. Food bags are pointless when you can essentially get them in the fear depot.


I’ve run out of sports gloves. Can’t tier 3 my Dante


I’m sure lucas will have a use leading all those reds so bright down side your a bit screwd on defense if you got no stun :confused:


OH no worries I’ve got Stun for days.

Hes a fantastic on offense. Having Jeremiah go off early and gov hitting hard makes it a breeze. 30 defense is good cause even if a blue or two slip unto a team I’m facing, they can take a hit and not die.