Epic Gear Map. Where are you?


It is getting pretty ridiculous. It seems every event lately you need to get 1.25 million to get a guaranteed watch or crank radio. Well, how the hell am I supposed to get 1.25 million without a few fresh t3 6*. Sure, I could burn through thousands of coins and t4 every single 5* I have. Ummm yeah, that is pretty dumb. We need an Epic Gear map once a month so we can at least get the gear we need to t3 a few 6*. Kalishane, how close are we to this?


Last week


I feel like this one happened on Sunday.


Too slow.

But really, he is saying epic, but he means legendary. Like T7


EPIC, not Elite. Epic is Watches, Crank radio, tripod, practice dummy, sports gauntlets, etc. gear to t3 a 6*. Cmon guys.


Legendary is Canteen, GPS, hockey mask, etc for t4 of 6*


Let me rephrase with no confusion.

A gear map with practice dummy, tripod, sports guantlets, knife sheath, watch and crank radio.

So we can t3 more 6*


dont worry guys when they do 6 star gear you will need to use 6 stars but the tiwest is u cant use 6s


Is this terminology correct?

T4 (rare): boots, helmet, compass
T5 (elite): flak / beanie
T6 (ultra-reare): school bag / armor walkie talkie
T7 (epic): watch/crank radio
T8 (legendary): canteen/gps

Corrected to elite. Added rare. Thnx


To my understanding yes. Elite, Ultra, Epic, Legendary


I understand we wont get the t4 6* gear anytime soon but we need the t3 gear. Typical Scopely as I have 5 crank radios and 0 watches. Have 3 6* sitting at max t2. Not fun.


I also have 5 radios and no watches. I actually need ultra rare map.


I’m sorry i’m sorry! I couldn’t recall!

We’ve heard quite a few different requests for different gear maps this week…

We’re looking into implementing something to help with that!


This was the language kalishane used ahead of last war. Seems to be their internal short hand. Not to be confused with tiers for toons.


Maybe replacing the currently outdated roadmaps with a different gear map every day? Or a 48 hour map with all stages?


What about a weekly gear map with all tiers of gear? While you’re at it, can we get a weekly ascendance medal map too? Pleeeeeeeeeeeease? :grin: