Epic fail on summer tokens

Yet again grinding your ass of for yet another rng event
Summer tokens have been absolute a discrase each single time ended high in events and always low amounths of pulls
Ended up with 200dogs short
Just like last event with the beach balls and sumbreros no toon for me
This crap needs to end i dont have any compasion for this company longer all events rewards are suck and dont see why i need to stil ceep playing this game if this is the road they want to stay in

Thanks scopely for yet a epic fail on this crap game


JB info from another thread


yep i agree and I just made it. considering the volume of tokens i had i should have got it weeks ago. this is the kind of thing that causes people to quit. But just hang on. in another topic scopely promised to make the tokens useful for another event. wait and see.

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I’ve ended up with 50k plushes. Just convert it to 5* tokens. Or offer another toon. Such poor rewards atm.

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Summer tokens will end in an hour (thank god they’re terrible) yet we still get them as lvl up reward, wtf is going on @JB.Scopely?

The plush dogs wil end in 30min while the.summer trash tokens.are a rewards in this lvl up
Or.incompentent or lack of giving people.real rewards

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Really annoying that this is not made clear to us in game. We shouldn’t have to read every JB reply of every thread to know whether plush toys will be reused or exactly what they will convert to. I probably wouldn’t have collected Romanov.


Have you realised they are still giving them out on this level up even though the event ends in about half an hour


I had been keeping my token from faction raid after reading this post and Scopely converted it as supply markers.

Then it extend for 3 days to get 20k chihuahua.

Scopely spends too much time to prank its players.

tokens are not collectibles, nowhere did it say that tokens would be usable past the initial wheel expiration.

True and that’s a great get-out clause for them. But they could have just extended the wheel instead of starting a new one. It’s just more typical Scopely behaviour of not being considerate to their players.

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50k? :open_mouth:

I always got minimum amounts, didn’t even make 10k :joy:

Gotcha beat OP :joy:

I’ve actually already got him tbh, the 19900 are in addition to the original 20k. So now the question is, do i collect a 2nd romanov, that I’ll never use, but will at least have something for the extra 20k plushies? Or do I trust what @GR.Scopely says and hold on to them for the future collection he hinted at, in hopes it will be something better?

Decisions decisions…

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Well I was asleep when raid rewards came in. When I went to claim them I got Temp purpler tokens. They since added extra time to the summer tokens and made them level up reward. Problem is before I could use my temp tokens they have utterly vanished and mean nothing. So the rewards promised at the start of the raid I did not receive. Scopes decided to change them and as a result I got nothing. Cheers X

Check the notice in the Support section, under breaking news. It explains about the purple tokens. They should be converted back.

That notice part dont excist in iOS

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I wasn’t aware of that. Get an Android :joy:

Ooo I cannot wait to see how shockingly poor the wheel is going to be. I cannot wait to pull multiple 3* toons :joy:

Please get this right scopely - I don’t think you truly appreciate how low the morale of the playerbase is.

I realized I was a mere 700 dogs short to get Romanov with 4 hrs left. I waited til the last minute in case they changed something and spent 750 coins on a crate. I got Romanov and watched the clock run out on it and it disappeared from the museum. Now it changed to 2 more days! I definitely would have got the dogs without spending my coins. I feel cheated. Why did this happen?

Because Scopely don’t communicate with their players during the week nevermind at weekends.