Epic Deal! But 2 issues imo

Guaranteed 5* ascendable.

Yumiko and Ezikel is in = too much risk?

I’d show pics but my names in them so…

Beta, Yumiko, Zeke, and Rosita.

Obly two of them I would take but not at $100. Rest of the package is garbage.

Hell if i could get all 4 i MIGHT consider it for that price.

This means that double guardian zeke is now possible which sounds annoying af behind carl with double Shiva.

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If I cared about defense, I’d want a 2nd Zeke. I wouldn’t want Rosita and Yumiko is ok. Beta is the only one I’d really be willing to spend $100 on. I hope Scopely comes up with another similar offer.

Beta blows.


EPIC :poop::poop::poop:


ehhhhh not worth it

Exactly what I was thinking… and exactly what I said in my email to them!

Two guardians can’t proc on same turn so it wouldn’t be that bad


Redundant guardian protection. Zekes not always a 100% lock, but having two (Esp when they shield each other) makes him a dick to counter off the field.

And now you gotta do it twice.


Shiva force Zeke not Guardian Zeke, these are our missing War prizes right?

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Yea if it was $100 for ascended zeke, I’d grab it up.

Drop the price to $50. Can’t blame ‘em for trying to make money but 100 bucks is too much.

Shiva force zeke ascends into Guardian II. Not war prizes (I think one was a really trashy blue before they shelved the Toons for Prizes concept).

He was the first ascendable ever, which everyone could obtain.

Edit: Beta, Rosita were promo Original pulls tgat never came back for a second run (Bad sales i bet) and Yumiko is able to be obtained in 5*, Elite Char Token, and premiere wheels still free. So essentially everyone (almost) has one, two didnt sell well, and one could have been obtained free.

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Epic, scopely’s idea of epic and my idea of epic are miles apart. This is a ploy to try and ramp up sales before they have to start adhering to Apple’s regulations. Anyone else noticed that there’s a lot more offers with characters involved, I.e. Priya and Konrad in the surprise boxes and now this. At least we know what scopely values our toons at. Forget odds, how about the fact that they think a few pixels should cost u the price of your rent. They will never change, they might pretend they’re listening but they are just waiting for their chance to hit your wallet first chance they get.

They made this box can they put it as CRW top prize?

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I might be alone here, but $50 is still too much. $20 is the sweet spot for me. I would spend more on this game over time for the right toons. $99 or $50 bucks for a toon that will be outdated in a few weeks isn’t valuable enough for me. If I could buy a nice new toon once every few weeks, it would feel much more worth it. Basically, its a temporary boost for 20 bucks. So instead of blowing $99 bucks for one toon and stay relevant for a short period of time, I’d be more likely to spend $100 bucks and stay relevant for months.


Havent you noticed there hasnt even put garbage 5*s up for prizing? Either they can’t, or won’t, instead relying on just Buy them or not mentality.

too expensive…I’d only utilise Ezekiel (second guardian could be fun)

Sorry Scopely. Once you start making deals like the Jeremiah ones I haven’t been thinking about these lunchable boxes ever again.