Entry enhanced rewards...arenas issue

Why should players be getting more points based on how many arena tickets they used. What’s the point of competition if it’s not gonna be fair. U brought back use to 5*s making moderate or f2p spenders more competitive again but still making everything about who has deeper wallets. When is this game ever gonna be skill based? I did all my old school hits good, finished turn 3 for most and turn 2 for one, got 67k then I look up and realize the top score is 79k like seriously? That’s some bullshit

the old school one right now is domination mode so it’s based on the top score not cumulative score. A lot of people have a turn 1 5* team tbh. Then comes the RNG from what opponents you bring up for pts. I will admit it’s rough being f2p especially in arenas. It’s either you try to win a domination mode, and / or you save tickets for a few weeks before blowing them on one endurance mode one to do the 10 ticket multiplier a few times.

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