Enter faction trading

Make it where u can trade gear, mods and characters from with u your faction. The way it would work is equal value items so if u trade a Legend character u would have to give up a legend character same for gear and mods.


Would be cool. But they will never do it

Won’t happen as it would get abused.

  1. Have an footprint in multiple region
  2. Collect your daily pull for the premier wheel
  3. Trade to a buddy or second device account
  4. Buddy or second device trades to you

First, they have to block all cheaters… VK is selling toons, cans, gears and a lot of coins. Scopely is valued around 800 million dolars, but they don’t invest in protection against cheaters. Also, there are a lot of videos in youtube teaching how to exploit the game… sad, but true =/



Zero chance. Then they would actually have to limit the number of dupes :smirk::smirk:

Think you missed some 0s on the end of That number.


i am woundering how quickly people come here and start telling disadvantges playets will abused… what about the abusing whing scopley doing with players from 3 years … han

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Oyuncular arası ticaret takas gerekli.

No trading please

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@sajidkhan if people don’t like what Scopely does, they aren’t obligated to continue playing…

sad part is most of the prople still playing just for their frds not bcz they are happy with scopley

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