Enough with the 5 revive/shield teams

This game is completely frickwd up. Games should be fun, not a grind fest.

I don’t know about other regions, but the give a shit factor towards this game is quickly approaching terminal velocity in my region and it seems in the regions that are in my CRW.

Offer better prizes (100+ factions fighting and only 4 are guaranteed a toon) is a joke. There is zero reason to get every dime from players.

I know this has been said before and scopley had shown zero amount of caring, it seems the player base is truly moving away from this game.


Legit have like 4 of the top facs in my region leaving and people quitting, this is their last war i guess, also its other things like the censor bot thats being put in game thats going to drive a lot of people away but this is what people want i guess, have like 10 regions with like 5 facs all spending thousands to boost theor egos all the while not being able to use in game chat


This is so boring. 6 to 7 teams of a similar setup. @JB.Scopely maybe take to the team that the team costs needs a rework and should be based on their skills. Make a shield or revive cost higher so you can’t have a team full of them.


They have came out with a lot of toons recently that absolutely destroy this meta… they are just promo toons… Alice leads rip through teams in 3 turns. Dale and Diego have also helped. Hopefully they ascend a melee huge ap lead for everyone to use with Shawn.


Once they do they will be forced to up defense to another level beyond the attackers. T1 teams are reappearing.


Hmmm, who would have guessed asking for revives and shields all the time would cause this :thinking:


What do you mean? They already have Camila out!!

There are ways round it you know. We have found a great way in my faction and i’m Having an enjoyable war.

And all this hoohah about censor bots. A bit of politeness never did anyone any harm. It is very sad if people can’t play a game without needing to be offensive to everyone the whole time.

The new 7 stars are on their way
Hope they can trow hand grenades lol

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I agree re cost. And it’s a bit weird you can have more than one of the same toon.

I mean, in the comics and on the tv you never saw red Carl wander along the street and be like “oh hi blue Carl from when I was five years younger. Let’s meet up with green Carl who is two years older than you and three years younger than me plus another dupe of red me and go and kill five different versions of my dad, both from before and after he had his hand cut off. Oh and by the way, as you can probably tell, don’t get too attached to your eye. Yellow Carl will tell you all about it later.”


Dude, there is a f2p decap and disarm available now. Requires no effort to get these easily. Gitgud.


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There should be rules be rules in PvP like only only one shield, guardian and revive.


Guardians seems balanced

Simply don’t play wars. If you want to fight someone just raid him.

Hang in there, it seems they are trying to fix the problem with those teams. The new toons that have been released are chewing right through them. I’m able to kill that team in round 3 now. Unfortunately for most it’s an issue that can’t be solved overnight. I was one of the lucky ones to get a good pull

you’re wrong. its a way to keep people spending and not let em get bored. the game evolves. soon there will be shields with 2500 def and 2500 hp base stats.

Shields are useless when players use focus. Doesn’t matter the stats. Shields are forever useless with the recent release of Alice dale and Diego…

And none of you would purposely limit the income you could produce by limiting teams if this was your company.

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All they need to do is make Alpha more widely like a event collection and ill be happy. Only person im missing tht will complete my team

and youre writing this as a response to my message because?

Because he obviously wants a piece of you. :wink:

JK most likely he hit the wrong reply button. We have all been there done that at some point.

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