Enough with only Melee Characters Lately


Events, Museum. They only ever seem to have Melee characters (besides one, Dev). You do know there are ranged characters in the game scopes, right? Seems the only characters that show up in museum are melee. Getting very boring with only the same style characters…


Don’t worry everyone will be getting gov from 3 year tokens soon, so only melee toons problem solved.


Any ranged ones are impossible to get it seems in Museum like Carl unless you spend hundreds of dollars.


Lee was museum


Forgot about that one, but still. Mostly Melee.


Yeah I get your point, some more reds would be nice


Yeah, it would be. Is Red governor the one you’re talking about? Neutralize? Scopely seems to be all about them melees. haha


I can’t wait to put my hand on that Beta (he is one of the best toons so far )
Finally scopely did one thing in the right thing , but I am afraid that it’s not enough . but it’s a good thing to make Beta a F2P toon


Lori was also museum


Beta isn’t f2p, sorry.


Lori was awhile ago, but if you’ve noticed they never do ranged characters multiple times in a row. They only do it to melee.


Lol , I just noticed that
I don’t known what I was thinking when I thought scopely would give f2p players a chance like that .
The only thing that makes me think he is a f2p toon is the fact that no timer added to the collection in museum


Disagreed We need lightsabers and Dual baseball bat two headed Negan First


No we need a Shiva with a machine gun on her back


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