Enough with all the lvl ups and raid events

Raid events and lvlups is all that we do In this game and it’s super boring bring back blitz wars onslaught I’d much rather have more of those two then stupid ass lvl ups and raid events


If we don’t get level ups we not be able to finish the chose your side map


Careful what you ask for… pretty soon they just won’t give us any tournaments :joy::joy::joy:. But I really don’t know WHYYYYY they can fix onslaught. Just give us milestones and better rewards. Like wtf. It’s not that hard.


Level up gives both platinum medals and choose your path test tubes. Why wouldnt you want them? It’s a background event, if you dont want to participate then dont.


Raid tournaments are needed for leagues and level ups are just a background tourney… We need it for the rewards and to level our toons… Dont like em you don’t have to compete … But they’re both necessary

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Maybe a blitz war then…or how about those special territorries?

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People have become all about this we need events at exact same start times and we need to be prepared blah blah so now it’s stale and boring. I mentioned making war start time being on a rotation and about got jumped because it’s stupid to want things to not be exactly the same all the time.

agreed… i am done to with this bordem… why not give same rewards for blitz war so prople can taste change serioudly scopley needs some new mangament who know their wotk least

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