Enough with all the Level Ups Please


Om its really getting out of hand woth the constant Level Up events. Can we please take a break from them for a while? There is no reason to have this many Level Up events like this other then to simply make more money off the players. Instead of all these Level Up events how about bringing back the midweek Blitz Wars. They were awesome. And return the weekend Wars to the the 8 vs 8 instead of 6 vs 6.


the fact that we continue to complain about it means they will keep doing it. That KGP in full effect


ESPECIALLY when it comes to events like the nuggets.



They won’t stop until people stop spending and people won’t because they gotta be #1. Even when the rewards completely suck close to 50 people go all out every single time. Keep wasting that gear guys. That’s the plan. Then they expect us to buckle and buy them gear “deals”. Keep surviving! :wink:


We need more. Maybe 15 days in a row next?


I’m tired of so many level ups. This is just as bad when they took war away for 2 months. Level ups is my least favorite event, both faction and solo. I would rather have a blitz war or survival road tournament than do another level up. When we had the other nugget event, we completely cut off from getting fodder, here we are doing it again.


Hey there: The next break from level ups per event schedules? Thursday, for a whole day. In reality itll probably just be an unannounced gear fodder L.U.


Is there even going to be war next weekend?


Unlisted as of yet. only feb 1st has been posted


Level ups require gear.
Gear has been throttled.
Throttled gear is the latest monetized game asset.
Thus more level ups will require more spending to remain competitive.

I don’t agree with the logic, but it seems like a Scopely syllogism if ever there was one.


Blitz wars are a lot of fun its a shame they disappeared


I agree that Level Up Tournaments happen too often. Remember when we would only get 1 event in during the weekday and then a day or two of nothing? I’d rather have something over nothing but it’s still no excuse for not being able to throw in more blitz wars or other events.


Less Level Ups, more Territory events.


Coosa’s money spending fight for #1 spot. Crazy… :roll_eyes:


Our top two are slightly above half that. Yeah I know they want the crack rocks but still. Can’t wait until they are all our of gear and then the bitching and moaning will really ramp up over here. Scopes gonna start moving those gear bundles pretty soon… lol


bunch of dumbass people on earth


Been like that since the dawn of man. Sadly don’t see it changing any time soon. At least it keeps us entertained.


More level ups = more chances to sell you more food and another reason to justify that awesome gear depot.




Isn’t it easy with free coins? Coosa == cheating?