Enough sco...........give now

give now is blue Carli




There is this thing called “Money” - people exchange it for goods and services.

You take said “money” and use it for one of the MANY MANY MANY offers that were up when Carl was last available and you could have had him


Probably one of those who only has dodgy game coins and salty he can’t cheat to a premier toon

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I don’t think your def while stunned is as effective with stun resist, they will just confuse and taunt and not even stun him

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Everybody will do everything. There’s a counter for it all. I can’t resist it all and can only use what I have…

And that’s defense while confused, so the only thing not covered somewhat is taunt…

Get yourself an ap drain…

My bad, misread that, awesome mod setup

Ty, just mildly trolling OP but Carl is an anchor for me at the moment.


I’d personally toss in $5 to help this guy get carl. Let’s get a GoFundMe going for our man and help him get carl from the museum. We can all help to make it certain


How bout get me a go fund me set up

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The issue is I think he wants to use coins only which is rng and not 100%. Had he purchased the offers he would have Carl like many others did. Once you buy 1 the next offer comes up. And he already has part of it and it’s been in museum several times. League coins aren’t going to guarantee a Carl bud. Your going to either a. Have to hope they continue putting this in museum and one day you will have enough from buying rng crates
B. Purchase the offers available and get him guaranteed
C. Never get him
If I remember correctly he has been in museum 3x and ive seen many people obtain him buying offers.


It’s pretty simple and you are complicating it.

Carl… to the museum… is certain.

Now give the man his Carl :slight_smile:

Carl I’m fact was not certain :frowning:

your carl is too light…one shoot.
give him def and pa diminution(keep stun, you can also replace impair by confuse)

If you don’t want to pay for the offers and are trying to get him purely from RNG boxes ten sorry but you don’t deserve the toon.
All you ever do is spam the board with these posts.
Do you think anyone cares? Do you think anyone sympathises with you?
No one does if I was a dev like $copely I’d honestly just remove all your museum items for him just to screw you thst little bit more.
You’re boring, monotonous and a Walking punchline. Stfu

Stop moaning about it you wasn’t quick enough so admire my two instead of moaning


This is your 12th time making a topic about carl to the museum. Jeeez

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“Give now is blue Carli”

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