Enough is enough


I could swear that i have already seen a couple of threads called “enough is enough” in my playing career…

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That’s why they aren’t saying anything…

Best to have people with a sense of hope than know 100% there restarting and want non of the old toons to hold any value…and to get ahead and progress…its costs…$£€¥

So they will keep quiet.
And let you believe what you want to believe.


I’m giving it until 2018, if theres no change, I’m uninstalling and never coming back to these forums, no dramatic “I quit” post, I may change my score from a 5 star to a 1 star in the play store though.



Care to defend this crap? ‘Early 2018’ is awfully close to crank out 11 more toons when you’re cranking out 1-2 new 6* PRs per week.

Even a bit of truth would be nice to hear.


Why bother…

She’s on there side not ours.

And they don’t care.


Paying for premiers is the foundation of this game’s cash flow. Scopley would prefer if people spent for gear and trainers and toons


Do you count Dwight as a f2p 6*?


Really need to see a job lot of older toons being ascendable into new 6star characters to create some new teams . As almost all teams are the same and I don’t want to keep paying for the newer toons if there not going to do the older ones , I think it’s been 6 new toons in a row now.


I’m freaking sick of how we always need to start a revolution every time all over again to compel scops to do something, the game is boring af atm


Lol so true, that’s the exact problem even if we do cause a massive movement we’re still completely ignored, notice the absence of scopley in this post for example. But say something nice there all over it


We all know the only way to get scopely’s attention.


Agree 10000%


Couldn’t possibly say it better, OP.


This 2mil milestone is ridiculous, i been old and loyal player, i love my team but i give scopely to change their way still 2018 if not am nuking my account and dropping video here as my fellow faction members. Peace :v:️ no more spending


I already did. The last “2 month bait and switch event” was a purely sadistic money grab. I was able to finish enough milestones to get the barbed wire part of Dwight, but burned all my gear and had toons too high level to get past about 100k on any of the vest milestones.

I ground away all day, every day. I spent every gas can (world and raid), every piece of gear, every 1-4 star and was 60 vests short. I was short 75 on two rifle parts and hit only 20k of 25k “red plastic” parts. For all of that wasted time I got ZERO.

If Scopely doesn’t realize, putting out an event that is only attainable if you have multiple level 0 six star characters or spend like a drunken sailor that lasts OVER a month, you are going to generate s literal metric ton of animosity from your player base. I don’t care if you put out a pull that is so rare that you will never get it-everyone knows the odds. Events aren’t supposed to go on interminably and WASTE player’s time to this extent.

A one week event, ok. This was sadistic. It was a HUGE waste of my time. I want my hundreds of hours back. Dwight was a rather anemic character, so it isn’t so much the lost reward as much as the sadism of putting it out as “attainable” when it was going to take a perfect alignment or a ton of money to get.


I agree. I have a S2++ main team, almost S3. After this slap in the face, the ONLY reason I am still here is my faction. PERIOD. If this keeps up, even that won’t keep me here.


Patience. Christmas is coming.


Yep, nothing like another chance to be horribly disappointed.


You must like it. :wink:


Yeah a lot of my members are on the verge of leaving after the Lucile Patrol event.
Really hurt a lot of people’s confidence in Scopley and the game.