Enough is enough


What is your long term plan here scopley?
This week we will get another P2p 6* with it being over 5 weeks since the last f2p, and 7 since shane, if you look at the ascendance tower there is no f2p 5* in opening up

If you have been paying attention to this forum you should know the game is stale as hell, everyone is running almost identical teams, and you are simply ignoring this fact.
You clearly have contempt for anyone who is not currently spending, even if they have spent a ton In the past.
This is all without touching on the insane barrage of level ups, stupid milestones, and crap rewards for tornaments.
Listen to your ■■■■■■■ players, you are shitting all over a good game for short term profits and pissing of your entire player base, I know this treatment can’t continue, you know this can’t continue people are dropping like flies and these short term cash grab toons aren’t disguising anything, your papering over the cracks and soon it’s going to collapse, and you only have your greed to blame



they are back to their original strategy with cash grab premier toons. But there is a huge difference with time before and after 6*s. It will backfire pretty soon, they might know that and going for last cash grabs before it all collapses.



It seems that way, I dont think they fully grasp the anger and resetment that has built up by the main spenders ,and the fact there money was invalidated overnight and that by doing so they have made them think twice about spending

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Easy… Replace existing players with new ones. New ones are more likely to spend, especially if they are given better odds at pulling 6stars.

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Yet new ones will be lower and lower since when everyone leaves and does rate&comment about the game accordingly at store.



Whilst looking at the current in-game 6* is a damming measure don’t forget that 5 of the 11 “legacy” 5* (which were promised to become ascendable by “early 2018”) have actually been around for ages.

Glenn, Governor and Rick were data mined by VK on 29th August - 3 months ago. Joshua and Eugene followed a week later on the 6th October.



It would be such a morale boost to release the ascenable 5 stars in existance. Most of us don’t have the ascendable items to do much with them anymore but still. They would be out there. Teams could be a challenge again and interesting to fight. Instead of the clone wars we have now.

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Stop spending whenever a new toon is released then! All I see on these forums is how bad this game is with their shoddy prizes and practices with the endless bugs and glitches.

Yet the second Erika was put out you all spend hundreds buying her, they have no incentive to release these f2p 6*s if you snap up every new toon like a fly to shit. Stop spending money and they’ll be forced to put them out to appease the population.

At the minute it isn’t worth their time to release freebies as the money made from weekly promos is too damn high.



It’s not a freebie, that’s the thing, if this Erika was Monica upgraded there would be no difference maybe a few less people would have pulled but those who didn’t have her would still have pulled, let’s take the upcoming Connor, we don’t know his card yet, but he’s a very rare character, if he turns out to be very good they would still make a killing from the character regardless if some people had him or not,
The only character I think scopley would not sell any off is when Andrea is finally upgraded



Well I hung in a towel tonight, most of us f2p are just as fed up as well.

For me, it boils down to points OP mentioned, In didn’t depot my tons. I’ll pop back in a year maybe, see who has been released by then. Knowing scopely most my roster will still be unusable.

Lot of enjoyment from building and playing around with teams, but not all of us so lucky with RNG. Even lucky ones heavier spenders etc still only have maybe a dozen toons to build teams with.

And scopely could care less. So what’s the point? Anyhow wish you and your faction the best OP, I’m off to games designed by reputable companies that are actually fun.

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Patience. Christmas is coming.



Sorry to hear vorpal,wish you the very best, but completely understand your reasoning, whatever game you move onto enjoy

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When the cow is on its side , days from death, you milk it every minute

We are that half dead cow , scopely are the farmers and we are about to kick the bucket



Oh is that where the expression “kick the bucket” came from? Haha I never knew. Thanks.



New premier 6s coming out simply means business is booming, despite what we observe in our old regions.



No, it isn’t lol

Great analogy thought @Twisty

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I’m not sure where it comes from

I googled and it says the origin is unknown lol

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Unethical company… the amount of blatant lies they have told us from Alberts letter is crazy. They should just stop making “promises”. The release of these toons by "early 2018l is another farce. I love how there was a visual bug on spencer and he can’t be fixed but these new toons for money have no bugs… I keep replaying the Billy Madison “Business Ethics” scene over and over in my head and think of this company.



The thing is though, if they made Connor very good then they’ll be setting the benchmark high for future old 5* ascendables to be just as good. Which isn’t something they want to do because they won’t be making as much as a brand new 6*.

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If I got an honest answer that tells me nothing is gonna change in the future and the milestones are gonna get more ridiculous, I’d uninstall right now, I refuse to spend money, I refuse to grind for these stupid level ups, they don’t give enough toons away for you to keep up with all these level ups, it sad to know theres probably gonna be a solo level up after this faction level up, I’m trying to hold out hope, but scopelys greed is beating the piss out of my excitement for this game.

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