Enough is enough with the bs SR stages in Tournaments


Gator is the god of zombies in sr
Joshua is amazing with collateral 2
Gaurdian zeke for gaurdian and crit boost
RTP rick for attack and ap gain lead
Conner for attack and crit lead
Kate for heals and attack boost
Command maggie for command and hp boost
So many i cant list but i use rick lead, gator, josh, zeke and maggie for all yellow. All of these f2p and easy to get, dont pay attention to the people who are “perfect pros” was a time when sr was hard and i could only do half of gold, now it is easy for me but i have built 5* teams just for sr. Some things to have is crit, attack, hp boost, revive, gaurdian and camo prob the most important also toons that can do multi hits so a group or like hit 4 or 3 enemies at once. Collateral 2 is amazing and camo is the best. Josh and gator can be had by ascending 4* yellows to 5* and i highly rec them for sr


Took me 50 minutes a stage to beat lol


The one where violet i think it was did like 70k damage lol like wtf!


I remember. It ended with me pulling my phone out of my work shirt pocket after twenty minutes of x3 autoplay, seeing that I hadn’t made a dent, saying ‘nope’, and fleeing. I’ll admit it.


That stage is easy with a crit lead and any yellow toons with crit weapons


On the new account I made, I only have trouble with the green only stages that have stun walkers.


Annie with 24 crit and medium drop is in the depot…


i remember having problems back when i went at those stages with 4☆ jesus kicking walkers, lol. you need a good crit leader, crit weapons and now you have crit mods also, use those too… i thought the green stages were harder then the yellow ones…


Just watch out for the reflect damage only use 5 stars on tese certain reflections stage and they won’t die

Keep on surviving


Also, make sure you build a bunch of Level 1 Slayer weapons with +Crit on top of weapons with 30 crit. They take no time at all to perfect and work like magic in any hands


Annie is who I use as crit lead, might wanna aquire her if she is still in the depot. I know she isnt much, but she puts in work for me on these walker stages.


I find the all blue teams vs walkers to be difficult for whatever reason


it helps to have a guardian, 5☆ douglas is one, i had him longer but started using just lately.


Me too! But to the guy who made this post we all struggled with sr in the 1st year of playing or so. Now irs ridiculously easy and boring. So enjoy it while you can.


everyone got a free zeke who guardians, and also gator was free a few months back.

just remember walkers die 1 hit wonders when its a CRITICAL hit

use a team leader with Crit:

Barker 6*
Connor 6*
Duane 6*

there are also 5* and even 4* crit leaders in the game

ive even used a 3* toon for crit lead

if u have zeke his rush adds 60% more crit - valuable

also other toons have good crit buff

lastly, use crit weapons, the Kukari knife is essentially the best to mod for walker stages, 35% bonus crit over 60% hp is a great mod to have on it also

even the reflect stages i can auto nowadays, wouldnt recommend it unless u have lydia though


I can auto play any sr level with no problem ever…


Can’t fault Scopley on this one.

When I have tried other app games I don’t expect to be able to beat every stage.
Played a game for ages and couldn’t do a lot of the Roadmaps they had.

Made me try new things, get better and build on what I had.

The games pretty easy for experimced players.
Those without experience and a good roster have got to build them


For the reflection stages a toon with Guardian I or II helps tremendously


I remember when i earned my first 4* character.
I had to beat 4 or 5 waves of S1++ teams with my 3* roster (A++). Even with battle items was extremely difficult.


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