Enough is enough with the bs SR stages in Tournaments


I’m so sick of you placing single trait levels that are far too damn hard. Yellows only against two waves of 20 and 25 Zombies? Like are you ■■■■■■■ devs for real? Do you actually test your ■■■■■■■ game and think this is ducking acceptable? It’s near undoable.
Fuck you $copelt and stop with this paywall, progress gating nonsense you NONCES


Yellow single trait is the easiest kind of walker stage. Between yellow zeke , Barker, Teresa and innumerable others you can auto no problem.


Except when you have none of them?


What about 4 star Molly? Yellow toon with an all melee crit leader skill.


They give a gator for free, that must be enough


Lol we used to beat it 2y ago with only 4* and 5*… with 6* it’s just auto. Some people used to challenge it even with 3*
You just need crit weapons and a crit leader… 4* Maggie from Sr depot is great for that stage


Exactly lol


Exactly. Even without any 5s or 6s, there are plenty of Fast characters with crit lead or bonuses, like Siddiq, Denise, Molly, etc

Hardest single trait walker stage for me has to be Tough. The walkers and Fast and Alert, both of which are fast moving.


On a side note / rebuttle,
remember when you couldn’t just autofill to complete legendary?

Actually found SR a bit fun back then.


and the free gatar for camo


At least it wasn’t a post about reflect walkers



Doc Stevens in the SR Depot…


i usually use
6* connor as lead
5*gardian rick
sd doc stevens
then others with crit. and can get though any stage without losing. thoughs 3 are important. at least 2 gardians and a good crit lead.


Really? I’m kind of hoping for a SR revamp with another level of difficulty, including ascended characters.

Give us another tier and rework the energy system for tournaments and another hundred levels of daily.


I agree - SR is too easy. It has not had the difficulty scaled to the 6* meta, it is still sitting at pre-6* difficulty. Used to be you had to really know how to use your roster in order to complete SR, now you hardly have to think and tons of people finish legendary 25.


Remember when we were told nightmare mode was gonna be hard? Lol.


It was. For like a week. There was even an outcry from players who couldn’t beat a map so they had to nerf it. Everyone but me of course.


Nah man everybody just forgot about grenades…

FFS, we haven’t needed them since 2016 but we all got a few thousand laying around



No there was the nightmare map where they gave 10x the hp and crazy atk/def with revive loop then nerfed it.

It was legit hard as f*.