Enough is enough scopely!


First let say thank you scopely for the right steps you took this week ,
(Andrea , league ,…)
But …
Scopely please enough of f2p 6* toons with leader skill , we need some specialist
I am not complaining about Andrea leader skill actually it’s a very good skill (I don’t have Andrea and I don’t want her cause simply I hat her )

F2p can’t gather a team with 5 leader ?!
Please give us specialist (disarming , command , …)


There are f2p commands already and theyre pretty good.


I just gave an example , I know f2p doesn’t have problems of access to a command
But there is other specialist f2p doesn’t have


A disarm toon would be really nice the rest doesn’t really matter


Forget command we (F2P) have enough to choose from. What we really need and want are a Revive & a Shield!!! Everything else is secondary, bc until we get those we’ll always be screwed. With more and more promo revives and shields it made being a F2P suck ass. Tired of having teams of multiple shields and revives while raiding and war.


And disarm. Don’t forget disarm.


It’s funny, wasn’t there a post last week about the lack of viable F2P characters with good leader skills?

Everyone is just Goldilocks round here…


Wait i thought you quit and nuked your account in a fit of rage two days ago or were you just trolling :thinking:


Know we have Andrea , lol
Carl , Spencer, the wanderer , …
All of them have a useful leader skill
I know we can’t compare them to Garrett or bleu Carl but , they still do the job


Everyone’s different in what they want from Scipely. I’m good with specialists. But I think we need a good leader. Especially ones with attacking AP bonuses.


Yeah way too many defense leaders in the market


Honesty, I can tolerate defense leaders. But HP ones irk me something fierce.




Glenn also for melee.


To bad almost everyone one is 40 hp and huge when taking damage


I nuked my first account I had 2 lol. I made a 2nd account like 6months after my very first account and just never really played it. My faction was kind of pissed at me for not saying anything and with war being on. So I switched regions and rejoined during the level up to help them take 3rd place. Besides me quitting wouldn’t stop me from coming here to continue to point out all the inequality in the game.


PTP gets to attack first that’s the way it is. Ftp are there to be attacked. They will never ever put PTP at a disadvantage vs ftp that’s just not a fiscally sound business practice. If you have not figured this out and found a way to keep surviving then quit. Scopley don’t care about players ftp PTP it don’t matter. Take what you get make it work and get past it. If this reality seems harsh then you have choosen the wrong platform for you. It’s not going to change no matter how much we complain. This is the meta and it has been from the start.


Most in my faction are ftp and they work hard on their teams and get alot of defends. They make bad ass teams with out spending one dime on this game


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