Enjoy Liberty join evil

Evil go on here on liberty, we will be on the top ,cause no bigger factions left here,so come to us and enjoy our community in order to farm and grow

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Aow in liberty is awful 2 Maybe 3 factions war

True. Liberty is terrible for AOW.

As region in few they are last always. Evil goes on was only group that have a fight now they disbanned

We got 5 activ factions, it’s become more a familiar place to farm war cans and resources I like it , true it’s not activ at all but if somebody need to chill for a while he would be welcome

Liberty has been dead since NWO killed it. RIP Liberty

Hey Vines ,
Greetings to Rebecca glad she help us s bit , she comes here to chill and this is what we do on liberty, we keep it all familiar here without big spending , by the way Nwo killed liberty ?you never ever win a single crosswar , EGO crew came here and do it .

Nwo got matched up with tough competition every crw back then while Ego gets matched with dead regions which equals easy wins in Crw.

Right , but nwo didn’t kill liberty , we had never been really alive before, can’t kill the undead , we just keep fighting here and next local war on liberty will be great , cause we got 5 activ factions, which fight equal, so I like it here

Yea, I visit liberty often and now it should be a fun aow for you guys seeing everyone is equal but… we rarely have aow anymore sadly it’s all crw.

Was totally a joke, we always got accused of killing the region.
This game was the best addiction since cigarettes.

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It’s more like being in a casino, all on red , spinning and the money is gone. Kind of miss times with Vines as dark Vader the bad guy

We won Spencer, think that was the first crw. Just a soldier now, fighting the good fight.
Think how hard some folks fight sand not even unique toons are given anymore during 8 region crw. You get at best a random 6*. Imagine scopely hadnt killed that goose.