Energy Refill Clock off

So I noticed the time it takes to gain a world energy is inaccurate. With territories at level 100 it is supposed to take 3:22 to regain a world energy. I timed it and it actually took 4 minutes. I thought this might be because of the territories but the math works out correctly. Has this been a normal thing? I haven’t really checked before in the last few months that I’ve been playing.

@CombatMan to check

Seems you might be right. Just looked at it seems after 3 or 4 seconds it hangs up for a second than continues this pattern

Not sure where you are getting your times from. I’m level 118 and world energy refresh takes 5 min 15 sec.

What you are saying would make sense if the timer started at the full 5:38 and for every second that elapsed it would actually take off 1.4 seconds, but that is not the case nor should it be. There should be no fractions of a second being applied. After an energy point is replenished, the time to get a new energy shown (in my case 3:22) is accurate after the bonus is applied. If the territory is lost, the time should be updated to reflect the time without a bonus.

I will say that it most likely does have to do with the territory bonus, but I would imagine it’s more because it checks for an update to the territory resulting in a lag. If the update check happens on the same tick as changing the timer then it might not update correctly.

Territory bonus

I’m not really sure what you’re getting at. Are you trying to say that this is normal and it is working as intended?

I’ve had a few faction mates check this and they are all seeing the same thing. It looks like it isn’t an issue when the regen bonus territories aren’t held.

So I just did a timed test of this and the time is off by a bit. On the current update (9.2) that’s being worked on, there’s also issues with the timer ticking itself, which will likely be fixed in a later update so as not to delay this update going out sooner than later. Will be logging bugs for both these issues to get fixed. That being said, while the increased time isn’t as fast as it should be (I timed having 20% speedup to taking 5 minutes to refresh the timer instead of 6, though it should have been about 4:48 to refresh), it is working for the most part.

What is the problem with the AR bonus buff you’re seeing?

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@kalishane can you add this, the guaranteed 40, and territories reset to the known bugs thread?

Oh and FA crashing too

what’s the FA crashing issue?

Thanks CombatMan. All my faction mates are seeing the timer issue too so that’s why I figured I’d update to tag you. Although it isn’t really a debilitating issue that would make it less of a bonus to hold territories, it is still a noticeable difference when you’re saving your energy so you’re full when the ultimate gearmap refreshes and are so OCD that you make sure to stop farming at just the right time to have just under full energy when it pops.