Energy pack nerf


Super, so last week players complained about the price discrepancy between amazon price and regular price of the energy pack. So what do they do? They take away a can from each. Typical scopely. @JB.Scopely this is garbage.


This is one of many why i stopped spending, theirs no reason for a company to change its shady ways if people keep spending

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It still has the same 60 percent off. That’s some interesting math @JB.Scopely

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Sneaky false advertising lol its why people get their money back from this game so easy

prices are dictated by the vendor, scopely just set a base price and google/apple/amazon then add on whatever they want afterwards.

Amazon seems to add the least but they also seem to be the worst with updating the games etc. but it is the newest appstore so probably will get better.

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Those are both from my iPhone. Point is, someone complained about it and instead of fixing the amazon App Store, they lowered the amount of cans given, kept same price and same 60 percent off add. I almost bought it and I had to double check the deal had changed.

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what was the problem with amazon appstore? I tried to buy survivors club on there with an amazon voucher I got but seemingly its not available on amazon for whatever reason.


There was a post about it last week. When trying to buy in on amazon App Store, it was 24.99. So I guess maybe this is their fix, to recreate a new deal. A much worse deal that is.

I guess this is how @JB.Scopely checked it out.

ya thats an amazon issue. Prices are diff for a lot of stuff but that is obviously broken as its even the wrong currency haha. 30day pass is more expensive on iphone than android for example by like 10%

amazon could be pretty good though if they got their act together. especially as they could link stuff in with amazon/twitch prime in the future.

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Right. The 24.99 is an amazon issue. But the other 3.99 deals are from iPhone. Last week had 3 of each… this week 2 of each. Wonder why the change?

A lot of these offers are probably on some sort of machine learning to see what people are willing to spend.

They are renowned for treating free players like a common dirt on one’s shoe but as of recently I’ve seen them start to screw spenders over also they aren’t even trying to hide it anymore.

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Shh bro saying things like this can get u killed round these parts :wink:

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@JB.Scopely can you answer whether this is a bug or the deal has changed please?

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