Endurance mode as a full event

So Endurance mode generally seems to be less liked, especially among F2P and low spenders, and for good reason: in Domination, you can always get a bit of luck and a good run and get a good placement for free, but in endurance mode someone can simply spend a bit and beat you.

That said, I used a few of the free tickets to make sure I get the extra ring from milestones (and then two more because I was close to placing for another ring), and actually had a good time. Losing key people from my team meant that I had to use something than my usual team, which made the fighting quite interesting.

This got me thinking that there might be a bigger game mode in here. I’m thinking something like an endurance challenge: You get a set amount of opponents (maybe league or region based), and can see their defenses. After every battle, your whole team becomes exhausted, so you have to tailor a specific attack for every defense team. In the end, the one who beat the most opponents (or the most difficult ones) wins.

Advantages as I see them:

  • You get to use much more of your roster than usual, and in new combinations
  • Strategic planning necessary - where do you use your best toons? Against which opponent would fast Negan or Harlan be the most useful? etc.
  • More interesting than raid tournament snoozefest


  • In higher leagues the defenses would be much too tough to use secondary/tertiary teams, so the event would be over quickly. I’m not sure how to solve this (maybe you could have multiple attacks, and toons that die stay dead, territory/sr style. Maybe have a gauntlet of players from all leagues as opponents?)
  • Scopely would only do this if they can make money, and I’m not sure how to monetize this. Maybe energy & cans? Not sure it would be enough, although the mode would incentivize going for duplicate toons

What do you think?

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Didn’t the players council fight to get the modes changed to endurance? How do you figure its less liked?

Is that so? If they did that would be pretty terrible, nobody i know likes endurance.

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Hard pass


wtf, pc is a complete joke if this is true…

No, read the post. It never said that the PC wanted them switched to Endurance mode.

From what Scopely actually wrote:

  • The council, as well as many players, said that Endurance mode was too much RNG. If you get bad luck on your roll, there’s nothing you can do, except spend money for another roll (look back at the posts during the first days of arena, there were a lot of complaints about this)
  • Scopely agreed, and while keeping it random decided to lessen the impact by adding four more opponents to choose from, and add another battle
  • These changes could apparently not be made during the current week, and had to be delayed to the next one. I suspect that it required an app update (there was one late last week), which would appear at different times on different platforms. They could not have some people play domination with old rules and some with the new, that would be massively unfair
  • Scopely decided to change last weeks events to Endurance

Did the council lobby to change them? Who knows. But the actual post only said that they lobbied to have it be less random.

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thanx for clarifying :+1:t2:

Then you didn’t read the post correctly.

@Reef I posted screenshots above as proof, I didn’t see any proof against what I said. Players Council got them to change it to endurance mode 100%.

Post it where Scopely says the Player Council wanted Endurance

Here’s the post where this misinformation is from:

Relevant bit:

As with any new game feature, we’ve been closely monitoring feedback and wanted to get you a real-time update on some changes we’re going to make based on what we are hearing directly from players and the Player Council.
Specifically, we’ve heard that the system that randomly generates opponents (in the Domination scoring mode) often times does not provide a player with enough possible points to rank higher in their league bracket.

They made the changes based on what they were hearing from players and the council, and clarified in the very next sentence that they mean the randomness in enemy selection.

The council is not mentioned in the rest of the post; there is no reason to assume that they did anything else.

To help address this concern, we’ll be making the following changes to the domination scoring mode beginning next week:
[changes omitted]
Given that these changes will not go into effect until next week, we have swapped the score mode for the Old School Arena scheduled for Thursday from Domination to Endurance.

Here, they state explicitly that the reason for changing the mode is because the changes cannot go into effect until today (and this week Domination mode is back on schedule). Not the council. Why they couldn’t have gone into effect earlier is not explicitly stated, but technical reasons make perfect sense (given that an update was pushed.

Again, maybe the council did push for more Endurance, I have no information about this. But from the pulically available information, this is a complete misreading of the official statements that people looking for a fight ran with.

Enough proof?

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Yes, read it instead of circling random text. It does not say what you think it says.


To make it as clear as I can:

  • The council (and other players) pointed out some issues with the mode AND as a consequence of fixing these issues some arenas in that week needed to become Endurance mode

is not the same as

  • The council (and other players) fought to get Domination mode to be changed to Endurance
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Will pass, it’s old news :joy:

I think the Player Council part refers to the specific feedback they heard, to which Scopely then took decison for the responding action, at least the decision to switch to Endurance.

I saw your pass, just saying. Lol

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You hear it on the forum every now and again that people want 5star wars.
See they listen to the community

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i liked endurance mode better. if something is developed along these lines, i might play it more than the doninaton portions of arena

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