End the SR suck

After another long and thumb tiring grind through the daily survival road, I finally figured out how to improve it.

Remove the leaderboard, remove the idea of SR level, remove the solo competition. No one cares. It’s like rep, it’s entirely meaningless. The only reason it’s worth the time is for a plat mod.

Minimize the awful daily grind and convert it into a short roadmap style experience to stock up on SR items like cans and kits that help during SR events.

In it’s current state SR is agony. Make it better by minimizing how awful it is to grind.


If it’s entirely meaningless (which I agree, it is), the removal of it also means nothing.


Hey! Its an easy way to get 400+ faction assault tickets… for a…likewise…useless…event…


The reason for it’s removal is because I believe the whole system of incrementally increasing difficulty leads to needlessly long and boring stages.

Remove it all, make it a set difficulty, and let us auto through it. It’s the least painful way to still get tokens for that all important plat mod

I often forget it exists. It’s only the daily mission that reminds me, fortunately since we don’t have to complete all of them for the bag I don’t bother with it. Really not going to bother doing it for 30 or so days to pull a mod that might be a useful type and then that might have decent stats. So once in every 6 or so mod opens it’ll be decent. Which means I’ll run around 1500-2000 levels over the course of half a year for the sake of a decent plat mod?
No thanks - they are more than plentiful enough.


This isn’t inaccurate. I can’t think of anything other than the mod that the tokens are worth getting though.

You pretty much hit the nail on the head here, SR isnt worth the effort. So overhaul it

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I stopped doing it ages ago and did I miss any benefits from it no the stuff you get for complete it is outdated if they had engine grease and stuff in it I might do.

SR depot needs an overhaul. Slash the prices on plat mods and add stuff people want

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And remove the 4 star shit.
Nobody in the entire game uses 4 stars, not even new guys.
They give out epics and legendaries so much.

100% it. Is the most boring event ever👍 Although I’m pretty much done fighting Trader teams to

All Events are boring. Every week the Same shit. and war is the bigest shit at the moment.


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