End Raid Ghosting

I’m from an old region. over 1/3rd of the top 100.

All that aside, let’s just be real, if you can’t defend lose your rep.

No, not until they fix the scoring. It’s bad enough that I can defend 4 times and get beat on the fifth and they still walk away with a point. It’s bullcrap.

Twenty-five for a win and twenty-five for a loss no matter the rank and I’m down with no more ghosting. Outside of revenge battles it’s not like you can seek out easy matches either.


how about…get rid of rep all together.

that’s part of the challenge. who needs 150k+ rep. 200k+ rep just to ghost.

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Ghosting just got easier now you got something easier to spend your wood on with combat mods

Well, the challenge is trying to find me because I’m gonna continue to ghost. :ghost:

100% True. I stopped all raiding outside of an event. Now I will use my free energy every day to get the gears. I might even start to do the daily SR again and stop after stage 9 for the items and the wood. I really am shocked that it uses wood instead of food or some other item.

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