End of year Present idea


I’m going to be an optimist here and pitch an idea , surely I’m not the first one to pitch this but hey let’s give it another shot , it goes without saying there is a general mood of disappointment within especially the “old” player base of this game

As an end of year present give , yes “give” , no grinding no pulling premiers etc , just this once give the players a chest with a 100% change of pulling a 6star toon , this can be any toon currently available in the 6star genre , this does 2 things 1. Lightens the mood a little amongst us all 2. Maybe a little more variety of 6 stars currently on each and everyone’s team (miraboobs , Carl , Tyrese ) you know the usual

@kalishane it’s not too late I’m sure , if you read this , which I hope you do , I have faith please forward it to the team

Like I’ve said before as a man in the hospitality trade I know that you sometimes have to Give to get more return

Let’s end 2017 with a bang :smile:

Thanks ever so much


Christmas has gone to your head :joy::joy::joy::joy:
This is Scopley. Its never gunna happen :+1:


Can I say mate I’m an eternal Optimist:smile:


The best gift for all of us would be if Scopely would shut this game down on the 31st.


Maybe if the toons are terrible promos that No One wants, they’ll do it. Beta, Yvette, Rosita, Shane maybe?


Not sure if trolling or serious about this


Dead serious mate sometimes I need to believe there is good left in people , i know it’s bloody naive and probably this post will end up in the proverbial “shredder” of @kalishane but hey worth a shot right :slight_smile:


I had this hope for Christmas, but no. Nothing happened… I really wish for a good prize to be handled out though, no more 12 days of farming with a ‘chance’ of something ‘good’. Just a gift for surviving 2017, no strings attached.

A nice 6* would touch my heart. :slight_smile:
There is always good in people, but perhaps not Scopely. They may be away on holiday till next year already…while earning from our Christmas pulls :frowning:


I spent about $150 worth of pulls and got absolute trash. I don’t know any other game that you can spend that amount of money on and still miss the prize. We need to realize that $copley is only around to make money off the top 4 or 5% of of the highest spenders. I bet if we were to stop playing for a couple weeks, it would put a hurt on them and they’ll panic. Bet this response is flagged/deleted.


I would love to be optimistic about this happening, it would restore a sliver of good faith between Scopely and us…


It’s scopely.


Crate with 6* Jeremiah,6* siddiq,6* Vincents and 6* Beta


Shane or Beta, calling it


Stop calling me :laughing:


in My store they are offering a nugget box (315-10000 nuggets) a few Burts and some food for 49.99 … do you seriously think they would give anything for free lmao…


Save your gift, fix an issue or two instead imho :stuck_out_tongue:


@kalishane bumperdebump

There is still time :slight_smile: god I feel so optimistic today , do the right thing

“The Pessimist Sees Difficulty In Every Opportunity. The Optimist Sees Opportunity In Every Difficulty.”



Nobody will hear you. We have been abandoned.


I hope it’s another letter from Albert, gosh I miss that guy and his make believe letters


You must be off your meds lol nobody cares at scopely and we have a cm that has been gone for over a week with no support whatsoever left in her place … this is the tipping point the game is on a downhill spiral seen it happen in other games before … only option now is completely quit spending and ride out what’s left of a broken game


Haha no lol 100 dollar Jeremiah instead