End of year gift for players - suggestion

With the great pixel shortage of 2017, there simply arent enough to give away for free.

I’m afraid your idea wont get much traction until those pixels start having sex again.

This is a great idea

Scopely has a plan it’s to make it as hard as can be, few will get, the rest will bitch.
Stuff only for the to people and $100 bags filled with RNG with odds set you’ll get least thing in bag. But don’t fret yet you’ll get another RNG bag to get least amount again.
If all fails lucky you get museum points that are good for well nothing.
Sorry newbs it’s the best gift Scopely can the feeling of shitty emotions for not being dedicated enough.

6* Erika thx


Just give me a 4* Allen and I would be happy for months :smile:

I would love a Sawyer as Santa.

Sawyer is more like Krampus hahahha xD

Yeah, your right…