End of year gift for players - suggestion

I’m a launch player, playing in the top faction in my region, lvl 121 and not far off prestige 12 (I say this to give an idea on my playtime and commitment to the game, like so many of us).

I hope this isn’t viewed as another ‘wanting something for nothing’ post, but I’m going to put my idea across anyway (it’s hardly ground-breaking, but I feel worth saying).

It’s very well documented here where this game has failed and fallen short this year, so I will only summarise just a couple of points;

  • 6* and the gear - lack of the promised ascendable 6* for FTP, lack of 6* gear, resulting in lack of variety in teams. Going back on the promise of not selling 6* as premiere recruits etc etc
  • Lack of game enhancement alongside introduction of 6* - basic tokens, 1* toons, food production. 3* toons are still the majority of what is received in recruit pulls.
  • Event Rewards. I don’t need to say much more here.
  • Various screw ups - from promised event rewards that don’t materialise, to events that end prematurely (workaround or not).

I could go on. It’s been a tough year for players, and we’ve all seen countless leave in our regions. While these things continue to need addressing, and as we approach the end of another year, it might be nice for a year-end reward for the players out there (possibly this is already under consideration?). Sure, we’re all working to getting an ascendable Dwight, and can earn Tara and others in a couple of years (!) in Faction Assault…

I think it would be nice to send out a toon to players to thank us for sticking with the game.

Here’s the idea though - please don’t give all players the same toon.
I suggest giving everyone a crate where we will open 1 of several possible 6* toons. Just please not Mira or Ty, we’ve practically all got those.

This would please the majority of customers, be a good-will gesture from Scopley and would give some further diversity to the same teams we see over and over now as a result of the approach taken with the introduction of 6*s.

Kalishane - please ‘take this to the team’! :slight_smile:

TLDR: Suggestion for end of year gift = Each player to receive free crate with 1x 6* toon from a selection of several 6* toons.


That’s a good idea!


Sorry but they are low on 6*s


Just give us a Holy Spirit/Elf Yellow Gleen 6* with Huge Drop Leader ability :smiley:

Or a Axel Santa Claus

Or Shiva as Rudolf (Rudolph? That deer with the red nose)

Negan Krampus?

Ok, I’ll shut Up.


I like the idea of a Shiva Rudolph :joy:


No more lies.

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If they could throw in a sawed-off shotgun and a gas mask in that crate, it would be perfect.


how does make any money for $copley?
Postive ideas? Check
Great things for the player base? Check
Hope for the future? Check
Ill be shocked if this post doesn’t get locked.

Bump for @kalishane :slight_smile:

This is an amazing idea.

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End year event - collecting 100 bags of salt 30 days for exclusive Santa 6* Gator, except you can collect 99 trough 8 stage maps with 12 w.e. each stage, maps last 2hrs every second day (starting time 2-3AM) and 100th bag will be avilable with 3.5% chance in 5k coin crate. Many will enjoy it, probably like current one but even better.

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End of the year gift? They probably plan on increasing the number of level up tournaments and raising the milestones to 4 million.


I would be happy if they just gave us better access to t4 6* gear, more 5*/benedicts and reasonable level up milestones/prizes for more then a small % of their player base.

A 6* character would be amazing and solve alot of problems.

But Scopely has dedicated so much time, energy and resources on 6* that they’re not anywhere close to handing them out.

You might see free 6* until next year around the tail end of summer 2018. And that’s a BIG ‘might’

I love this and I’m unsure if it’s doable but I will share it!

If it were up to me I’d Oprah gifts for the holidays! Too bad I’m not rich like Oprah. lol


Shiva as rudolf :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

That’s a great idea dave !

I think they answered your request with their harvest offer. Just make 4-5 purchases to get something which they won’t tell you what it is till you part with your hard earned…

Great idea but it will NEVER happen. I mean i lost so many Duct tapes and polishing kits because of “thier” admitted armory glitch. I couldn’t even get a refund on all my wasted duct tapes and polishing kits. Even with having pictures of items before, while crafting and when finished.

No way in hell is scopley giving out anything free. They won’t even refund/compensate people for problems caused by them solely.

How about just cracking open that list of existing 5☆ and making some of those ascendable. I’ve maxed out my Gator.