End of War Recap/Summary

The current war recap is nice, but I think it would be cool to have some other statistics mixed in. We could see on a faction or single player level:

Battles won
Battles defended
Damage done
Towers taken
Towers defended

The list for options could be really long. Would you guys like that? What are some other stats you would like to see?


Average damage taken

Yay. Now I can see my failure.

I think leaders should get extra options - queues joined. Wars scored in/not scored in. Towers taken/added to etc


It’d be good from a leaders standpoint to see how many wars everyone was in, w/l ratio, towers take.
Personally would like to see stats on defends, tower w/l ratio maybe even average time to take tower, number of battles won/lost etc.

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Those are all some nice ideas. Particularly leaders being able to see how members performed on metrics other than score.

@kalishane Have you guys discussed anything like this? Could you take it to the team?


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