End of the Survival Road

So I am one of the few that made it to the last level of survival road and I’m disappointed. A decision was made to cap the level at 400 and no good prizes for achieving such. Not even a “I survived survival Road” T-Shirt. Getting to such level take a lot of time and dedication, so no good prize is very disappointing in such a milestone.:frowning_face:
I recommend expanding the SR daily and including a nice prize like a limited edition SR ascendable 6* or a special stun weapon. Get people motivated to play.:slightly_smiling_face:


Nice suggestion!

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It’s funny, but I just don’t complete SR any more, I check it daily to see if there’s a DT or PK as a reward & when there isn’t I do levels 1-9 for the markers & don’t finish.


This is a great idea!! I’m not at 400 yet, about 3 in my region have made it to end in my region so far. I’m sitting back at level 315, but I agree, people who finish should be given something special! Also expanding it past 400 would be amazing! Imo, SR level 400 is a massive milestone that defiantly deserves to be celebrated. It took many hours of playing and strategy to get there!