End of season 2 rewards

What happened with this or its just another nice feature that scopes decision makers decided not to include again? @JB.Scopely


Don’t think it becomes available until Home Stretch is over in about… eh… 14 hours from now. I believe that’s what happened in S1.

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Stop being inpatient and blaming scopely for no reason.


It came out the friday of the home stretch in season 1


Season 3 will bring ne hooman shield and a guardian oh and blue disarm michonne

Y’all not remember it wa as special reward to commemorate the end of the first ever leagues season. Probably a one time thing

lol 7 chars

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Are you spying on me? xD and yeah it was sarcasm. We will get another leader and berserker or some other trash toon that wont bring balance to the game.

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