End of league. No news about the new season?

The league will be finished in 3 hours. No news about the new season and the new league toons?
Please update us :pray:


They only just making the season toon now


It took them till today to actually inform us about the Halloween event. At this point may as well just wait and see for yourself because they are obviously too busy



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I’ll get the lube

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XFD this probably

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I’m not looking forward to it. Last 2 seasons I’ve had all the toons they put in it outside of the season league one.

So last 2 season I spent just few tokens on that one toon to have for collection purposes.

So the league store to me has been a bummer, because it’s 8 weeks!

Maybe I will be pleasantly surprised, we shall see in few hours😊

need to be an S Class in there or meh whats the point

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The toons got leaked in the forums already its Bruce, zach, and a 400 bleed lady with two wave focus for everyone

They are all really good tbh besides not being s class.

Can you give us proof on this?

Think he meant Bruce and Zander, which someone sent a link to the thread.

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Thank you to the Russians :blush:

Shes a medic? Uhh…

A medic that doesnt heal makes perfect sense

Even better a medic that causes extreme bleeding

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so totally the opposite of what a medic does then lol

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