End of a week.Can we get new LEGANCY 6*?


Plese give us LEGANCY.


Just got andrea give it 2 months and we’ll get a new legacy.


two months? maybe 3 o 4 now


No we need one a lot faster than that. They make like 20 p2p 6 stars in a few weeks but can’t make a single legacy for a few months, that’s not gonna work so well.


You dont recognise me being a smartass about the release of legacys.


We can get a legancy one soon but not a legacy


Because I take everything seriously. It’s a part of my personality.


But that is exactly how it has been working ever since 6*s became a thing. Hell, it’s been worse.


Exactly, which is why they can’t keep it up.


My birthday is coming up…reckon you can drop Knox for the special day @JB.Scopely ??

30 is a milestone :wink:


I would also vote for Knox :grin:


What’s a legancy?
But I would want red rick Shiva force to be the next legancy. In my opinion


Behind bars rick needs to be a legend.
He’s one of the first three epics if I recall correctly.


I wish I have 2 of him maxed


I don’t care about the six months or six year thing
Don’t give a damn

Scopely just give us new legacy
Move your arse


Good luck on that Andrea just came out next 1 should be dec or so


I can tell there trying to add Legacy at a minimum so the slower they finish off a current list the longer they can wait to release a new list


The next one is gonna be on Christmas lol


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