Emergency Update. Now’s the time!


I honestly believe it’s time to address your players and supporters on a few things before you lose too many players to keep the game afloat.

A lot of people really love the game but recent decisions and slow progress is confusing people.

There’s many questions I suspect I will forget but I’ll try to fit a few key ones in.
Scopley…You need to address your players. There’s too much confusion, anger, and negativity around a game that’s supposed to be fun.
Obviously there will always be those who moan about bad luck (as I do) but this goes beyond that.
We require honesty and comfort in knowing you have some sort of future plan.

Why are 6s been released so slowly? Especially from 5s already released?
Why was the 6* stat boost really given the go ahead?
Why make ascendency using 4s to 5s made less attractive by adding to the 5* Wheel?
Why haven’t the Supply Depot been updated in so long?
Why remove key 5s That Ascend from the Wheel when there’s are lack of 6 options and not everyone has them?
Why wasn’t food and ways to get xp thought about when planning Ascension?
Is there a solid plan for the future of the game? 1 years time? 2?
What’s the future of Survival Road… if 6*s are the future and only come in colours (no types)?
When is the YGL mission going to be fixed?
How come things seem to take so long to progress…it seems unusual?
When will the game be cleaned up some more…like been able to sell by adding value, sort Team order out, filter without separating in/not in team status. Etc…
What was the final thought on using multiple of the same characters?
Why aren’t decisions, additions and changes discussed or explained to the community?
Why are 99% of the offers absolutely terrible?
Is the museum going to be updated and possible have a record of all released characters ever?
Are new Scav missions every going to be added?

Ignore below questions lol -
What the hell is going on over there at Scopley HQ?
Who’s making these big decisions and why?