Emerald Mine stage 3 suddenly not farmable on last day?!

Anyone else find that the emerald mine stage 3 is suddenly not farmable on the very last day of the event? I was able to use gold salvage tokens every day of the event so far to get a few more emeralds. Just tried now and got nothing. Zero. Big ol’ goose egg. Had the 2 drop territories as well.

Could’ve used the 10k rubies for something else if I’d have known I’d get screwed.

Anyone else see this or am I just “lucky”

Not playing that map at all, but pointing out just one problem - territory drop chance boost applies to world map only, you don’t need to bother with them if you want to farm any roadmap.


That was always one this that ticked me off was they don’t apply to RM. :pensive:

Huh… I guess I’ve been wasting a lot of time and territory energy then over the years. Ffs. Thanks for the heads up.

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