Elusive is not working properly

its say it gives Elusive for 3 turns but i noticed it is giving elusive only for 2 turns instead of 3

Get a vid or it didn’t happen

It might be counting the turn you are attacked on as first one. Hence why Screenshots or Videos are required

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it counts the turn you were attacked as it works immediately and stops other toons attacking you that turn gaining AP

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no its only 2 turns elusive

Even if its 2 turns its still ridiculous

I mean, you can say what you like, but until you show some screenshots people won’t believe you.

However, I suspect, that it is working for three turns but the first turn is the turn that you are being attacked on and your opponent gets impaired. Because the opponent attacks quickly, and because there are about a million status symbols these days. You probably aren’t seeing the elusive symbol until it is your turn to attack which would be the second turn elusive is active for, and therefore it is only showing two turns.

So imagine this scenario in a battle where you are attacking.


  1. You attack enemy
  2. Enemy attacks you. One enemy gets impaired and your toon gets elusive

If, at this point, you were able to pause the enemy mid-way through their attacks, you should see that the Elusive symbol has three pips to indicate three turns.

3. You attack enemy
4. Enemy attacks you

During this turn, you will see that the Elusive Symbole has two pips, which is probably* why you are making a mistake and thinking it only works for two turns.

*probably because it could be a bug, but as the only one reporting it and as you aren’t providing any proof it seems more like misunderstanding.

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