Elite Rare Gear Please


Please, with so many lvlup events, we are already limited to the characters we have to evolve … open a Elite Rare Gear route please … we are full of chars needing them @kalishane


Better yet, they implement those gold radios in scavenger missions, prizes, etc. so we can have a permanent elite gear map.


oh man, that would be brilliant. elite gear is pretty much on par with rare gear these days.


I had 15 flaks, no beanies after the solo level up. Almost went blind when I opened the gear bags and pulled 2 beanies. The RNG likes me right now.


Congrats. I finally got beanies to pop up in my supply depot. 4 beanies here it come.


Will legit donate my kidney for that elite gear map rn >.< my whole faction is direly in need of this roadmap Q_Q PLS PLS. GIVE IT TO US.


With you on this. So many level up events and even ultra gear maps and now I’m running low on stuff like Alpenstocks and waist tool packs. A few in my faction saying the same. @kalishane please ask them to consider some sort of roadmap for elite rare gear… pretty please.


Just make that damn one map with stages with all levels of gear already and make it a weekly event.