Elite gear roadmap again?

When we are get ultra gear map back? Or is this mistake again?


Weird… came here to post the same thing

Smh :sob::sob:

Was wondering about this, anyone have the new roadmap schedule saved? I don’t know what’s supposed to happen when anymore


Supposed to be ultra rare, they’ve only gone & fucked up again.


If Kelly can identify as a female I guess elite gear can identify as ultra rare gear.


This is being looked into currently - thanks for bearing with us :slight_smile:

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It’s getting harder everyday

Forgot to say to keep on surviving :kissing_heart::joy::joy::joy:


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That’s getting harder as well

Yeah so no ultra this week means 3 weeks since weve had one. I’m sure the fix will go into effect next week. Thanks scopely for another week of depriving us of geat

Or it’s already been fixed

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Yeah just was lol

It’s saved in the game for everyone

Nah. They removed the blog link. Keep surviving, though!

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