Elite Gear Maps

Can we get an increase to the amount of crates that drop in this map? Almost nothing is dropping on this roadmap.

They only drop on the last 2 stages. I am getting drops, although only using natural energy.

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All I’ve been playing is the last two. With four cans I only got one drop.

Do you scroll over and look at everything you got? Cuz sometimes mine doesn’t show on the final screen but it’s there when I scroll over.

Do not use tokens. You have to actually run through it with drop leads.

Thanks a million, this was my issue.

That’s not true. I was getting crates about 90% of the time last week on the ultra rare gear map using tokens. Now, the lower tier gear map is giving me about 1-2 per refill. Not much better when I don’t use the tokens either.


They give us this RNG gear map that is farmable but cant give us the old farmable map that you could actually get the specific gear you need. Im do tired of these crap RNG crates. I ran out of topographic maps last week. Now im reduced to buying them 1 everyother day out the gear depot and getting 2 from the ultimate gear map a week and this ridiculous RNG map. Forced to burn cans ffor a chance at what i need. I have run it a minimum 25 times and got 1 stinking map. Did get about 15 camp stoves that i already had 50 of and flaks and beenies. So if you have an abondance of something you keep getting that and 1 or 2 of what you need. Why is the game declining there you go. Continuous level ups and no proper gear maps to support them. Here is a gear depot that is worthless to justify removing he item specific gear maps the players actually wanted and liked. Just another example of poor understanding of what the community needs to keep surviving. BRING BACK THE REAL GEAR MAPS!!! These are total crap!


I have yet to fail to get a crate when I run through on auto with two drop leads. I miss a lot with tokens. Not even worth the risk of 12 energy. It’s three stages of humans. Goes by very fast.

This entire system is stupid and pissing more players off by the day.

50% of this game is lvl up tournaments and we can’t even farm what we need to level up useless 5s toons.

The gear depot is complete trash, provides no means of rebalancing at an insanely high exchange rate for equivalent tier gear. The only good thing in there is the food, but overall the design is utter trash.

Moving everything to random farmable bags is more irritating than ever. Basically sets up a system where the player can not get what they need and forces them into their shitty depot as if that’s any fun.

Do they think we will suddenly start paying cash for their overpriced gear offers because they created a barrier at nearly every point in the game? No. We will just walk away and stop dealing with their bs.

@TheWalkerDude, @kalishane,

How about advocating for the players here. This system is complete trash and if you actually played the game you would see this first hand.


Very well Said @Wanderer.

Bring the farmable gear map back once a week, get rid of these new rng trash maps and run the ultimate one the other six days.

Make your money off premiere recruits not the required gear to play the game.

It’s pretty ridiculous when I cringe Everytime I pull a hunter from tokens. Useless to me these toons right now. This system makes no sense. I will never buy ultra and elite gear. Never.

Don’t waste your time actually playing the stage though, just use bronze salvage tokens

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