Elite gear map next hope the ultra is afyer it


Just checked out vk and we are getting an elite gearmap map next, seeing as nobody over here wants to tell us anything, I hope we are getting the 12 hours of ultra after it as we all need both.


Bless you @Locky for this post. I need some Alpenstocks bad. By chance do you know what time it starts lad?


Now that you say that, just to spite VK, Scopely will not be releasing a elite gear roadmap to combat VK for releasing information before it is supposed to be released. I wish we had a more up to date idea of what events, roadmaps, tournaments, and everything else is coming. It shouldn’t be shrouded in secrecy like this is GOOGLE, APPLE, CIA, FBI, ETC.


So it was ultra that we had 12 hours of and told the remaining hours would return? I honestly can’t remember. When I saw this on vk I just assumed it had been elite. I fail to make the distinction between ultra and elite these days with t4 6* gear being the only gear on my mind lol.


Post here next time pretty please


Yep. It was meant to be back for the remaining 12 hours


Cool. I could really use that one.


So could I. I have ty stuck on t2 because i need 1 night vision goggles -_-


Did you do your Lucy pulls? I got a few from there :pensive::tired_face:


9 am Moscow time buddy.


I sure did! Got 2 Romanov out of them haha


The week is now over and they have forgotten what they said last week. so probably wont get it… And we will get the but didn’t we just have a gearmap from someone.


That gearmap was only 12 hours. @kalishane said the other 12 hours would be a available after the Feast or Famine roadmap because there wasn’t enough pins for both at the same time.
But instead of giving us the remaining 12 hours of Ultra first, then have elite, they’ve done it backwards.


I need an elite gear so bad. I need like, 30+ alpenstocks. Dwight is stuck at Tier 2, 5* hahaha


In the same boat lol


It’s nice to finally begin farming again and accruing survivors. I’m talking a backseat on this level up tourney and I’m back up to 2 weeks worth of legendary trainers again. Gonna shoot for a couple of months worth. Passively leveling up my maxed AR 5 stars with 100xp/60xp scav missions. I buy every trainer in the SD too, so working on them slowly. Life is good. :slight_smile:


@kalishane is the remaining 12hours of ultra gear map that was said to be coming showing up? Or is the elite gear map it? 12 hour anything give a lot of time zones a disadvantage. I was all about defending that it was only 12 hours because another was coming and it’s a new week and all I’m seeing is elite gear map. Again I ask why can’t we just get ultimate gear map??? Has all that we need in 1map!! Why the need make us beg every week for 1 or the other.


Helouuuuuuuuuuuuu? @kalishane
Where’s the ultra gear road map? Oi. I’m still waiting for that!