Elite gear map in roadmap

Has anyone else noticed the drop for the crate has been lowed? Used a can double drop leads and maybe got three crates from my seven runs. When you used to get all seven drops with double drop leads.

so the low drop chance has been lowered?!
interesting :slight_smile:

You only get crate drops on last two stages.

Yeah I farmed the last stage.

Never had a crate not drop on the last 2 stages with a drop lead. Do not use tokens. They do not give you crates.

When i first found out about farming those it never dropped all the time for me with drop leads or not. Thought it was normal. never tripped off it

Crates drop for me with tokens :man_shrugging:

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Final 2 stages drop guaranteed crates. Farmed over 70 last time it was up.


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