Elit Gear Map Incoming


this is nothing new old fake news

scopely dont make posts of up coming roadmaps

To be fair kalishane did state that elite gear roadmap would come before monday☺

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True. However, she is very vague in event rewards and if she just posted screens then we wouldn’t need to go to VK. She might not be able to get them at beginning of week but at least release them to forums before VK can see them. At least I know they will be in English.

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Kali said elite gear. It was elite gear.
Rewards dont change…

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yet we had elite last week we need 4 star.

Are you sure?? The last one i can remember was ultra on the 11/10/17.

Using VK cheats is alright. Scopley isn’t going to do anything about it anyways, so I don’t see why you shouldn’t use them. If Scopley cared about the situation with VK, they would have handled it awhile back during the war break, but no, they wanted to focus on 6*s. VK will continue to cheat since Scopley does nothing about it. The investigation shouldnt take years to solve.

you are right still cant tier 2 two 6s with this elite gear wheres 3 part map we should have by now seeing 6 star event is over.

Yes Shane said one was coming :slight_smile:

Changed title so people who see it will know right away what the post is about.

Need an elite 4* weapon parts roadmap

how about you guys let us use 6* on them

Keep on surviving

Why resurrect this thread 3 months after the fact? I was actually hopeful for a farmable map until I saw what.


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Coz it’s the Scopley way

I can’t make heads nor tails of that response.

Never mind. I just found this.

Have fun. :grin:


I am glad to entertain

Yea i got excited too smh


@Red_XIII you fcker, I was excited for a moment!